A little bit about love

Tuesday, 4 February 2014

"I'm coming with you tomorrow morning," said Rich as I set my 6.30am alarm to wake me up for my second interview in 48 hours. "What?" he said as I protested, "We're a team".

That for me is the true meaning of love.

And love has been a running theme this week.

Today, my good friend Donna hopped on a plane back to her native Scotland to prepare for her upcoming nuptials to Gary on the 22nd February. We've been talking about this day for weeks and I can't quite believe it's finally upon us! Gary and Donna met back in Glasgow, and it was almost love at first sight for these two romantics. Well, all it took was for Gary to turn up at Donna's house after their first date when Donna wasn't feeling very well, brandishing DVDs and rocking a pair of old jogging bottoms, and she was smitten.

It was imperative that before Donna left, we had a little hen celebration to mark the occasion for those of us that aren't able to make the trip back to the UK for the day itself. 

I say little, I really mean massive, messy and out of hand. But all of the best celebrations are right?! Here's what we got up to.

Donna, Sara and I started the day with a some swimming and bubbles at ladies day at the Ritz.

After a quick shower and throwing some make-up on back home, we met up with the others at the Diplomatic Club, dressed Donna up in a stylish Scottish-themed outfit...

and jumped into a Donut Boat complete with BBQ, strobe lighting...and Coldplay blasting out at full volume.

We ate chicken and fake sausages to our hearts content while chatting and looking out over the lights of the city.

Buoyed (geddit?!) by the good food and 'banging' choons, we headed to La Cigale, and up to the roof for some cocktails (and a few free shots) at Sky View. We'd prepared a Mr and Mrs game and some dares (compulsory!) earlier in the day, which contributed to the general tipsiness somewhat.

When we had had our fill of cocktails, we headed downstairs to Club 7 for a dance. And bumped into the Harley Davidson crew (Doha Chapter) who supplied us with free Moet, sparklers and cigars (which everyone knows are key ingredients for the perfect evening) for the rest of the night. 

A fitting celebration to start off Donna's married life. Here's to D & G!

Later in the week, love was in the air again as we headed out to listen to Hayley sing some jazzy lurve songs in the romantic surroundings of the Ballroom at the W Hotel.

You couldn't escape the romance as Hayley's stunning voice took over the room, backed by a fantastic jazz band. 

And there was added love all around, as all the proceeds of the night went to charidee.

Hayley, dressed in Valentine red stunned us all!

All of the loving feeling that I experienced this week was helped along by the fact that after all of my hard work and perseverance, I finally received the job offer I had been waiting for. More on that later.

Rich and I headed out for a little celebration at Hakkasan and I told him I couldn't have done it without him.

I came to Qatar not knowing what to expect, but every day Rich showered me with positivity, told me everything would work out, and that he had the utmost faith in me.

I want to say a big thanks to my man. I love you.