Saturday, 23 November 2013

If you were to ask any of my friends to describe me, after discussing the fact that I can eat like a body builder, that I care about things and you can read me like a book, they'd probably say that I'm a bit of a 'girly girl'.

Some people with more feminist sensibilities would take this as an insult. 

I, on the other hand am prouder than proud.

Earlier this week, we went out to celebrate one of Rich's colleagues, and ex-housemate Dave's birthday with a few drinks in the city centre. It was here, in one of the bars that the huge gender imbalance of this place struck me. Apart from three of the Al Jazeera girls Ami, Holly and Jemma, there was hardly a female to be seen.

It wasn't just because of the bar we were in either. At the time of the last census in 2012, there were almost five times more men of working age than women in Qatar. This is largely due to the huge influx of male migrant workers from all over Asia that have come to seek their fortune out here, and send their hard-earned wages back home to their families. And unusually, rather than slowly levelling off, this trend seems to have heightened in recent years.

After a couple of hours in the bar, some of us headed upstairs to the guys' apartment for one more drink. Ami soon left and I found I was the only girl in an apartment full of men boys. Inevitably, the night descended into this:

Luckily, I am a tolerant girlfriend.

Unsurprisingly however, when I received a message from one of my fellow Al Jazeera spouses, Donna, asking me if I would like to meet with her and Hayley for a few drinks the next day, I jumped at the invitation. A bit of much-needed female company at last!

We headed to Glo bar in time for Happy Hour on Friday

And proceeded to chat non-stop for the next 4 hours. Being a part of the Al Jazeera extended family is a bit of a unique experience, and sharing a few stories with the other Al Jazeera WAGs (as well as getting the opportunity to talk weddings, Christmas and living in Doha) made for a funny and very entertaining night!

The WAGs in all their glory:

These girls are a lot of fun, with bags of style

Looking forward to the next WAG date already!