A few home truths

Wednesday, 20 November 2013

I am currently cuddled up on one of our comfy chairs on our balcony with a cup of tea and a warm jumper watching the rain fall over the marina. Every now again again there is a deep rumble of thunder followed by a flash of lightning just seconds after, indicating that the storm is directly above our heads.

"Whaaaat's this?!" I hear you exclaim, "It's supposed to be stormy in England, not in the desert!". Well folks, it seems I brought the weather with me.

That's the first shocker of this post dealt with. 

Now for the second. 

Over the past few days we have done...well, not much at all! Our tennis match was rained off so we have had a few cosy nights in at home, with a bit of cooking, some midnight swims and a few games of Scrabble. Rich and I are 28 going on 68. And surprisingly, that's the way I like it best.

Let me treat you to an average, boring day in the Bag-Byles household; Number 311, Townhouse Number 7, The Pearl.

After snoozing the alarm approximately 16 times, we roll out of bed and while Rich gets ready for work I usually make him breakfast (fulfilling my good housewife duties).

This is always eaten on the balcony, which when it isn't raining looks like this:

Peanut butter and plum jam on toast (try it!) and porridge for me; plain peanut butter on toast for Rich. And of course at least one big mug of tea. 

Oh, and if we're feeling particularly decadent, one or two of these bad boys might accidentally find their way onto our plates.

If Rich doesn't have to be in work until a bit later in the day, we invariably head down to our pool for some swimming and sun.

When Rich has headed off, if I don't have things to do or people to see, I'll head back to the balcony for my lunch with my book or laptop, and afterwards I'll send a few emails, catch up with friends and read the paper.

A bit later, when Rich returns home, we put our DIY skills to good use doing a few things to make the flat feel more like home.

Putting together some Ikea furniture

Or hanging one of our pictures from London.

Then, while the sun slips below the horizon...

We'll cook up some delights in the kitchen

And once again head back out to our favourite outdoor spot

Where I generally kick Rich's ass at Words with Friends (NB. to Mummy Bags: the rude words are all his).

We round off the day with a late-night swim and jacuzzi. This is my favourite time of the day, when we usually have the place to ourselves, bar the occasional dude with his cool-box of beers, living the dream, getting quietly drunk alone in one of the jacuzzis. 

So our life isn't that glamorous out here all the time

But I like it.


  1. Really Like your blog! Care to check mine out www.becauseamysays.blogspot.ie :)

    1. Thanks Amy! Had a look at yours, really enjoyed looking through your London pics - lovely!

  2. I actually hate your life. Please can you blog more about how you keep getting sunburnt and you can't buy marmite? :P xx

    1. Don't you worry Tommy C, we'll run out of fun things to do and eventually I'll be writing about washing my socks xxx

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