The expat rollercoaster

Thursday 24 April 2014

Any expat will tell you that the hardest time to be away from home is when things are happening that you'd usually be all there for.

Like when one of my best friends got married last month. When another gets married next month. And a third the month after that. 

When another friend is having a particularly tough time and I want to be round at hers, cooking for her and watching films and trying to make her laugh.

When my nephew arrived back in England with my brother and sister in law for a visit and I couldn't be there to give him a squish.

When a family member becomes ill, and passes away and I can't attend the funeral and offer the support I want to give to the people that matter to me the most.

That's when it's hard. 

But then you pick yourself up again, and the next day can bring you the polar opposite.

When you get together with great friends you've made for drinks and a BBQ to celebrate a recent marriage.

When a new colleague invites you for a day messing about on the Persian Gulf on a Dhow boat.

When you discover a new place to eat with beautiful decor, stunning food and far reaching views over the city.

Or when you go for brunch with some great girl friends, eat too much, drink too much, dance like loons and take endless dorky selfies...

It's on these days, having fun with good people in the sun that I quite like being an expat. 

And the more us expats stick being away from home out, the more proud we can be that we tried.

It might just be the best thing we ever did.