Sophia's Nursery Reveal

Friday 10 June 2016

This post, much like the nursery itself, has been a bit of a labour of love. For months before Sophia's arrival, Mr Sunshine and I were quite excited about furnishing and decorating this special room and as soon as we found out that we were having a girl, we rushed out to start buying the bits and pieces that we would need. Then almost as soon as I got home, I set about noting it all down.

Six months and one baby later, and we've only just gotten the room into a state that I would consider 'complete'. Of course, Sophia isn't sleeping in here yet, but we still use the room on a daily basis, for nappy changes, playtime and to start her bedtime routine before we put her down at night. And it's by far my favourite space in our home.

Hanging from the door handle is a cushion which reads 'Shhh! Baby is sleeping...' by Ralph Lauren. I'm sure we will use this for its intended purpose during nap times when the nursery is in full use, but for now it hangs permanently on the door to mark the entrance to Sophia's room.

There is an en suite bathroom to the left as you enter, which Rich and I currently use, and on the right is a pink IKEA Kallax shelving unit, filled with books, toys and other bits and pieces, with some IKEA toy boxes to the right of them. I wanted to make the room fairly feminine without drowning it in pink, so this is one of the key pieces of furniture which gives the room that girly accent.

On top of the unit, our Gro Egg is very useful for warning us when the room is getting too hot - something that's incredibly important to monitor, especially for babies in a country like Qatar. We like also like to keep fresh flowers here to keep the room feeling and smelling fresh (jug-style vase is also IKEA), and we are currently in the process of getting some professional baby photos printed to go in our Debenhams frame which a friend gave me as a gift at my baby shower.

Hanging above these shelves is a beautiful butterfly print from IKEA, which inspired my theme for the rest of the room. Without wanting to get too deep, I liked the idea of butterflies because to me they signify nature and freedom - two things I'd like Sophia to embrace as she grows up!

These pretty butterfly and dragonfly wall stickers by Koko Kids from Not On The High Street flit and float along the wall above the daybed, and around the corner to the window. In the middle, is a very on-brand 'You Are My Sunshine' sticker by Oakdene Designs (also Not On The High Street) in the same pastel shades as the butterflies. These stickers are the latest addition to the room, and I love how pretty and homely they make the space feel. Plus Sophia could stare and gurgle at them for hours on end!

From the moment we moved into this apartment, I really wanted a day bed for this room and I definitely haven't regretted shelling out for this one from IKEA. Sophia lies on it every day while we dress her, I occasionally feed her here, and best of all it doubles up as a spare bed when we have visitors. It's super comfy, and when pulled out fully, it's quite a large double bed. Sophia isn't the best of sleepers and I can see myself spending a few nights on here when she moves into her own room!

The throw and cushions that adorn the daybed are some of my favourite elements of the room. I love the patchwork of the Zara Home throw, and the 'thrown together' look of the mismatched pillows, which are from IKEA, Zara Home and Home Centre. The gorgeous rag doll was hand made by my very talented mummy!

Under the window lives our gorgeous Moses Basket and stand from Mamas & Papas, which sadly doesn't get too much use these days - she much prefers mummy's and daddy's bed!

On the other side of the window is the piece of furniture which currently gets the most use in this room - Sophia's nappy changing unit from Mamas & Papas. It was important for us to get something that was safe and sturdy, as well as one which had ample storage for all of our baby supplies. I wanted to keep these drawers super organised, so invested in some drawer dividers from IKEA which do the trick beautifully.

The changing mat itself is very practical - wipe clean and comfortable, and from Mothercare. The pink flowers add another hint of girlishness to the room.

Hanging above the changing unit is one of my favourite framed quotes by Old English Company (another Not On The High Street purchase), which sat on a table next to our wedding cake on our wedding day. Mr Sunshine and I love to travel, and we're planning on taking Sophia along with us on our travels from a very early age. Hopefully some of our wanderlust will rub off on her, and she'll be just as excited about exploring the world as we are some day! Hanging from this picture is one of my favourite cards we received when Sophia was born.

My nursing chair from IKEA is another of my favourite items in the room. It's firm but comfortable, and many an hour has been spent lounging in it with Sophia in the crook of my elbow, gazing out over the view of the marina beneath the window. I love the little touches that make this chair even more cozy and inviting: the IKEA faux fur throw; the Zara Home patchwork cushion; the Zara Home colourful rug and the Kartell coffee table for my tea, magazines and never-ending supply of biscuits.

Above the chair are some floating shelves, which hold some special items. Her personalised name bear from Babyblooms; her colour changing dog night light by Ulysses which we got from Amazon; a hand-sewn framed initial from Little Foundry; her latest Milestone Baby Card and some cute dangly ornaments that were gifts from friends.

Finally, we come to Sophia's cot, which is from Mamas & Papas. We chose the most expensive mattress, because you can't put a cost on your baby having a well-supported back or a good night's sleep (something I believe in now more than ever!). The bedding is also Mamas & Papas, and her gorgeous name banner which hangs above it is handmade by the awesome Patt Handcraft who is based out here in Qatar, and who makes some really beautiful things, including my very pretty breast feeding cover.

Along the wall next to the cot are several wardrobes full to the brim with travel cases, baby baths, muslins, blankets and her clothes (and maybe a few of mine!).

The complete look and feel of the nursery is exactly what I had hoped it would be...

Somewhere where we can all happily while away the hours, whether we're playing, washing or softly sleeping.

What are your must-have items in your child's nursery?


  1. the nursery is absolutely charming - matches lovely sophia molly!

  2. This is just so beautiful Pol!

  3. Oh wow this is the nursery of dreams! My favourite part is the daybed with all those beautiful cushions. I really hope if I have a child in the future that she's lucky enough to have a room like this

    Steph -

    1. Aww that's a lovely thing to say Steph, thank you! The daybed's my favourite part too- mainly because I have had some awesome naps on it!!

      Polly xx

  4. When she grows up, she's going to be so touched to realise how much love and effort her Mummy put into this special space for her ☺

    1. Aww I hope this is the case Shika, and she's not just terribly spoilt! ;-) I'm looking forward to spending lots of time playing in here with her when she's a toddler.

      Polly xx

  5. I am in love with how cosy the space looks, and how gorgeous is Sophia in that stripey dress! Well done to you and Richard, she is a stunning baby (and the best labour of love in that room).

    Honey x The Girl Next Shore