Sophia Molly: Four and Five Month Update

Monday, 22 August 2016

Wow, what a jam-packed couple of months it has been! Not only did we head to England for a second time, where we traveled the length and breadth of the country attempting to meet up with all the friends and family we could (sorry to those whom we didn't make it to this time around...we'll be back!), but these 8 weeks of Sophia's life were also jam-packed full of new developments and exciting milestone moments. I've been such a proud mummy and can't stop telling everyone about how advanced she it just me or do we all end up like this eventually when it comes to our children?!

These two months Sophia has liked:

Meeting all of her family, as well as her two god mothers

Going on weekly play dates with other babies and mummies that live near us, and being very affectionate with her new friends (there's a lot of patting and face stroking!)

Laughing hysterically at funny noises mummy and daddy make

Her first exploration of grown up food - mainly grabbing bananas out of my hands before they reach my mouth! She's also had a bit of play time with some chunks of fruit in her high chair, but hasn't fathomed that she can eat it properly yet. All of the serious weaning fun and games start next month!

Reaching out to play with new toys and staring intently at them before putting them in her mouth

Bed times, especially long, warm bubble baths and reading books in bed afterwards

These two months Sophia has disliked:

What is supposed to come after her bed time routine. Sleep has not been high on her list of priorities this month

Doing one thing for too long, or going for too long without stimulation. This girl likes constant entertainment!

Having her first ever cold, which dragged on for a good couple of weeks. Who knew a tiny baby could produce so much snot?!

These two months' firsts:

First time rolling both ways and in both directions

First time making new babbling sounds, including consonants and a new, strange shrieky noise!

First time she has been really clingy to me, and upset when I have left the room

First real round the neck cuddles

First time sitting up!

Mr Sunshine and I celebrated our wedding anniversary in July, and a couple of weeks later, the anniversary of the day we found out I was pregnant. What an awful lot can happen in a year!


  1. What an exciting month for you all! She's looking gorgeous, Polly! xx

    1. It was a particularly special one. Thank you so much Lauren!

      Polly xx

  2. What a fashionista she's turing into!

    1. Haha, Doha's youngest #futureblogger :-)

      Polly xx