Sophia Molly: Seven Month Update

Friday, 21 October 2016

Seven months old, can you believe it?! My 'baby' is now more than half a year old and continues to astound me every day.

This month Sophia has liked...

Swimming, both in her trainer seat and tucked under my (or daddy's) arms. She loves to splash with her hands in the water, and has even started to move herself into a tummy-down position and make little doggy-paddle movements with her arms. Super cute!

Pulling herself up into a standing position, and attempting to walk when we hold her under her arms. We've got a strong little lady on our hands.

Eating three whole meals a day! It was obvious from quite early on in the weaning process that Sophia was going to love her food. There hasn't been a single thing that we've offered her so far that she hasn't eaten (even the lemon slice we offered her the other day - see below!). I've been following her lead with regards to the amount of food I'm giving her and frequency of her meals and she's moved up from one meal a day to three in quite a short space of time. This has meant far more solids and a lot less time on the boob this month and I'm praying that my supply isn't going to be affected too much!

Spending some time on the beach, where she spent 50% of the time shoveling fistfuls of sand into her mouth, and the other 50% of the time splashing in the sea.

Nursery Update

Sophia now attends Twyla Nursery three days a week, which is just down the road from us on The Pearl. Because she spends a considerable amount of her time there, and because it is becoming her favourite place to be in the whole world, I think her exploits at nursery deserve a special monthly update all of their own.

This month, Sophia has enjoyed meeting Danielle, the new teacher of her class, Cheeky Chicks. She's super fun and has led some great activities for the babies - including sensory play with balls and water, and having fun with a beach ball in the 'Outside Den'. Sophia couldn't stop giggling when the ball was bounced up and down in front of her!

Her favourite thing of all however, is spending time with her best baby blogger buddy, Naomi Moon (a.k.a. my friend Karen from Clumsy Chic's little girl). They're inseparable!

Keep an eye on the blog over the next few days, because I'll soon be posting Sophia's full nursery story, including why we chose the nursery we did, and how we've found the transition so far.

This month Sophia has disliked...

That slice of lemon that we casually passed her so that we could watch her reaction (bad parents!)...although, much to our surprise she still ended up eating it all!

Breast feeding during the day. There are too many distractions and solid food is far more interesting so she only really wants to feed properly at night these days. Every two hours if she can. Lucky mummy.

Having her nappy changed, being dressed or anything that requires staying still for more than five seconds!

Sleeping anywhere other than our bed. We try to keep her in the Chicco Next2Me, but now that she's mobile it's inevitable that by the end of the night she'll end up in our bed. And forget transitioning her to her own room! That's a battle for another month when we are all a bit less tired and have more energy to attempt such a big change.

This month's firsts:

First time attending Twyla three days a week.

First time eating meat and eggs.

First time drinking properly from her sippy cup.

First brunch, first kiss and first time being led astray by her Doha Aunties!!!

(Thanks to the lovely Flying Food Ninja for these last few photos). 

We have a lot lined up for next month already, so let's see what fun her eighth month brings!


  1. What a cute video of her with the lemon slice! She sure proved you wrong eh?! :)

    1. Hehe, thanks lovely. I know, such a determined little child!! :-)

      Polly xx

  2. She really is SO gorgeous! Both looking so well :)
    Elle Bloggs

  3. That first kiss is going to haunt her for life, and you're going to love telling her the story!
    She's such an adorable baby and you and Rich look like you're both having the best time. WOOHOO!

    Honey x The Girl Next Shore

    1. Mwahaha, you got it. The photos will be brought out a lot, especially when I'm introduced to any future boyfriends. Cruel mummy :-)

      Thank you soo much Honey, we are loving being parents and she's a very happy little girl

      Polly xx

  4. Love the lemon slice video and the fact she keeps going back for more ;)

    1. Thanks love. She's very determined...I wonder where she gets that from?!!

      Polly xx