Sophia Molly: Eight Month Update

Thursday, 15 December 2016

This update comes a little later than planned due to it being 'busy season' in Qatar, and our little girl is actually much closer to nine months than eight. However, I promised myself I wouldn't miss an update and too much has happened this month to let it slip by without a mention so here we go...

This month Sophia has liked...

Enjoying a family-friendly staycation at the Four Seasons Doha, where she had fun exploring the Ambassador Suite, splashing in the pools and eating her body weight in Elements breakfast!

Moving around holding onto a table or stationary object while standing up. It's not going to be too long now before she's walking!

Having visits from her granny and grandpa, who both spoil her rotten!

Listening to music at nursery and Theatre Tots, and clapping along to the beat.

Helping mummy and daddy to put up the Christmas tree (and then bit by bit helping to tear it down again!)


Nursery update

Sophia has continued to thrive at Twyla Nursery this month. She still flaps her arms with excitement when she enters the building in the morning, and loves looking around at all the older children playing.

She has demonstrated her strong-willed nature and bravery by crawling down the tunnel in her classroom before all of the boys did, and although she is sometimes a bit tentative about getting messy during sensory play, it doesn't take her long before she gets stuck in. Her class teacher has shown us some gorgeous paintings she has created using her hands and feet, and I can't wait to get them up on the wall in the kitchen!

November's nursery theme was animals, and Sophia got the opportunity to meet a cat and a tortoise that came to visit from Qatar Animal Welfare Society (QAWS). I love that the nursery is opening up so many opportunities to these children that they wouldn't otherwise have.

This month Sophia has disliked...

The transition to her own room and own cot. Sleeping in between mummy and daddy in their big bed is much cosier.


This month's firsts...

First time saying 'Mama' (me!) and 'Baba' (daddy). Yes, I cried.

First two teeth (on the bottom).

First time riding in the child seat of the trolley while out shopping.

First time being left with a babysitter (my good friend Hayley). And no, she didn't stay asleep for her!

It has been another full month which has slipped by in the blink of an eye and I'm finding it difficult to believe that she's only a few days from being three quarters of a year old! We have lots planned already for this coming month, including a quick hop overseas for a quick pre-Christmas mini-break, as well as some exciting festivities lined up for the day itself. I hope you'll follow along!