Two Minute Teaser: Noodles & Ribs at the Four Seasons Doha

Sunday 9 July 2017

Noodles & Ribs in a nutshell:

A unique promotion that's running every weekend throughout the summer months in the Four Seasons' acclaimed restaurant, Elements. A concept that is as simple as it is inspired; you can watch Chef Ding and his team hand-pulling noodles and concocting an array of bespoke noodle dishes from around Asia in the restaurant's open kitchens, or select from the range of delicious and flavoursome ribs on offer. Plus there's sushi, salads and a big dessert buffet to boot.


Why is it worth it?

Because it's difficult to find authentic, hand-pulled noodles in Doha. Because it's even harder to find halal ribs that are actually tasty. Because over the summer, there isn't a lot going on on the food scene in Doha, and this is truly exciting.

What's more, children under 12 can enjoy a free meal from the kids' menu, and the over fours can join the kids' club for free for the duration of your meal!

What was the best dish?

A difficult one to call, as there is a lot of variety (four different noodle dishes, even more noodle soups and four ribs that I counted), and the Four Seasons have maintained their usual high standards with this one.

However, the Zhajiang Miang noodles, which are served with ground beef and slightly salty, fermented soybean paste were sensational, and the tender and aromatic Arabic-spiced short ribs were like no ribs I've ever tasted before.

What will it cost me?

QAR 200 without alcohol.
QAR 310 with selected beverages.
Free for children under 12.

Family-friendly rating:


The details:

Fridays & Saturdays, 12:30 pm - 4:30 pm.

Four Seasons Doha, The Corniche, Doha 24665, Qatar
Contact Dining Reservations on:  (+974) 4494 8600 or email:


  1. thanks for featuring me in your lovely account of our experience! I really want to eat those noodles �� again!

  2. Amazing photos! I'm so hungry now

  3. This looks so tasty! I love the look of those really wide flat noodles - I need to try them :)