Weekly wanderings 2

Friday, 24 October 2014

Socially, this week was a little calmer than the last, but both Rich and I had extremely busy weeks at work with a few long days and late nights. But we still managed a few wanderings outside the four walls of the office too. As a result, we've rolled into the weekend absolutely shattered, but satisfied.


I was all ready to go out to meet some friends. Rich had finished work and was planning on picking me up his way home. I sat down on the sofa, started watching a vlog on Apple TV while I waited, and it just felt so good! Needless to say, by the time Rich walked in the front door, I was ready to change into my PJs and spend the rest of the night in that spot, with pizza and a glass of red wine. After a long, hard day producing The Keys & Gray Show, I think he was secretly relieved.


We had breakfast at Alison Nelson's Chocolate Bar followed by halal sausages and steins at the Grand Hyatt to celebrate Oktoberfest. A brilliant day all round, which was improved yet further when we woke up the next morning sans hangover. Result!


Work was followed by an evening of blogging, FaceTiming and catching up on some reading because plans were put on hold as Rich was called into work at the last minute. 


We got excited when we discovered a new restaurant on the Pearl which we were yet to try. Sormani is a fine dining Italian restaurant and gastronomic delight, near to 1 Porto Arabia, with views over the sea and the city beyond. 

It has a sister restaurant in the heart of Paris and a WHOLE SECTION OF THE MENU IS DEDICATED TO TRUFFLES! If this isn't enough to tempt you, I'm not sure what is. Unfortunately, the bill was pretty steep, so best to save this one for a special occasion.

We followed our food with a beer and a gossip with our favourite neighbours, Ally and Miriam.


Tuesday was all about work. We were putting the final touches to our business plan for the following year, and a lot of time and dedication was required to get things just right. My colleague Agi and I had a good laugh when we accidentally turned up to work in identically coloured outfits.


My very good friend Ben came to Doha for just one night on a stop-off on his journey between Tanzania and Nepal. Having not seen him for well over a year, it was brilliant to catch up on his news, and hear some of the stories from his amazing career break which is taking him all the way across Africa and Asia. He's been doing some brilliant things for the world in the process. Have a little read of his blog and be inspired! We quaffed burgers at Gordan Ramsey's Opal...

And then descended to Oyster Bay for shisha on the beach. We just can't get enough of that place!


Another long day for both of us, followed by a looooong sleep which was very much needed. 

There's much more in store for tomorrow, but you will have to wait until next time for that.

Have a great weekend all!