Weekly wanderings 3

Friday, 31 October 2014

This week, we put into practice the 'in sickness and in health' part of our upcoming wedding vows as I came down with the flu, and in the latter part of the week, Rich's back problem flared up once more, putting him in severe pain.

With Rich only able to get comfy by lying sprawled out on the hard floor, and me curled up in a ball on the sofa most evenings, we made a very sorry sight! But at least we were truly able to empathise with one another.

Inevitably, there wasn't much physical wandering around Doha this week...
Instead, from our positions on the sofa and floor, our minds have been mainly with our families at home in the UK as they have been through a really difficult week, with various illnesses and problems which put the trifling problems of flu and a bad back into perspective a little.


I spent the day mastering HTML, and making the final changes to my blog layout, including adding categories to each post, as well as an about me and contact page. I'm really new to this, but have found it so much fun to finally get my blog looking a little prettier. I'd really welcome some feedback from you more seasoned bloggers on the look and feel of the site as I do feel like I'm feeling my way through the dark at the moment - please do drop me a comment or email if you have any tips or comments on what you think currently works & doesn't!


We had a wonderful day, full of food in all of our favourite places. I can't get enough of the W Hotel in Doha for food on a Saturday - it has the perfect combination of great food, great service and great prices.

Here's a picture of that perfect Lemon Panna Cotta for you to drool over one more time...


I was starting to feel grotty, but we had promised to babysit for little Lennox while our neighbour Ally was at work, and Miriam was out celebrating Austrian National Day at the Intercontinental Hotel. We ordered pizza to their flat from the Armani Caffe and spent the evening catching up with our buddy, Casper the black lab.


Who knew you could get winter flu in the desert? Well I am living proof that you can, and unfortunately, it is no less horrendous than the flu you get back home. After a feverish nights' sleep, I woke up feeling dreadful, and try as I might, I just couldn't make it to work. Luckily for me, Rich came home as early as he could, and whipped up some impressive Mexican delights in the kitchen in a bid to tempt me to eat in order to keep my strength up.

And it was awesome...I hate Fajitas, said no Juan ever.


I managed to make it into work, but had to leave an hour or two early, as I was still feeling like a walking zombie. I headed straight for the sofa, and spent the next 3 hours snoozing, punctuated with breaks every now and again for a bit of Sense and Sensibility reading, nail painting, Pinterest browsing, magazine perusing and ASOS purchasing.


Still feeling rotten when I returned home from work, we attempted to steam off my sickness (and ease Rich's back pain, which by this point was starting to worsen) in the hot tub. An hour later, looking like prunes, we concluded that even a mammoth jacuzzi session wasn't enough to heal us cripples.


The last day of the working week rolled around at last, and we celebrated the beginning of the weekend with homemade strawberry and blueberry American pancakes, smothered in thick maple syrup.

It wasn't the best way I've ever celebrated the night before Halloween, but the evening was giving me the crepes. Bu-doom-doom-chhh!

I'm now writing this blog from my usual position on the sofa, with Rich slumped in front of me. A pathetic sight indeed...but in times like this when we're feeling ill and coming to terms with difficult things back home, I wouldn't want it to be any different.

Happy Halloween to all of you celebrating tonight. I'll leave you with a picture of my nephew Ollie, my favourite friendly skeleton, who is going on his first trick or treating session tonight with my sister in law, who will be dressed in an identical costume. TOO CUTE!! X