Weekly wonderings 2

Friday, 5 December 2014

Wow! What a week. It's all gone by in a bit of a whirlwind and I'm not quite sure where to start. One thing's for sure though; all of this Christmas cheer that's in the air has definitely rubbed off on me and all of my wandering thoughts this week have been overwhelmingly positive.

I particularly enjoyed hearing about the various different Christmases that you are having in the comments on my post on how to survive Christmas in Qatar which I posted earlier this week as part of this month's Travel Link Up. It made me realise just how different Festive Season celebrations are in various parts of the world. Did you know that in France, it's traditional for children to leave out their shoes or boots for Father Christmas to fill with presents, rather than hanging up a stocking? And in India, those who celebrate Christmas decorate banana or mango trees rather than the traditional Scots Pine/Norway Spruce?! Our Christmas, as always, is going to contain all of the elements of a traditional British Christmas. Speaking of which, I have an update on our Christmas situation to tell you all about, so look out for a blog post on this early next week!

This week has been a really fun one career-wise, as I got the opportunity to escape the office for a couple of days to attend a CSR Conference, and for a third day to attend some training on sport and media coverage. I met some really interesting people with some great stories to tell, but the best bit was hearing from the 'experts' that the social development aspects of sport are being recognised across the world more than ever before! It got me thinking about the huge variety of ways that sport can have a positive impact of people's (and particularly young people's) lives.

I also spent some time this week thinking about how to approach challenges in my life with a bit of a braver outlook. I urge you all to read this brilliant list of ways to be braver. Number 24 particularly stood out for me - it's sometimes extra brave to admit that you're vulnerable and to ask for help. Brene Brown, a researcher in social science has produced an excellent TED Talk on this topic, where she teaches that to live a wholeheartedly happy life with no constraints, you have to allow yourself to admit and succumb to vulnerability - something that we're often taught to avoid in today's society.

Finally, one of my friends posted this hilarious letter on Facebook this week, and it made me wonder how many puppies are being going to be bought over the Christmas period.

I could have written this letter. Rich, I am getting my Christmas wish in early; a puppy would make me the happiest girl in the world!

Have a great weekend all - I would love to hear what your plans are and what you've been wondering about this week.

One just like this would be wonderful Richy...just saying...