What's in my Hospital Bag?

Thursday 10 March 2016

Following a trip to the hospital last night after I thought things were getting going in the labour stakes (long story; they weren't) and quite a lot of peer pressure from friends and family, I have finally given in and finished packing that all-important hospital bag. Very soon it will be waiting in position by the front door, ready for the moment that Baby Sunshine finally decides to make an appearance.

It's been a huge task trying to decide on the most important things that will make those first few hours of out little one's life (and the lead-up) so much easier for us all. However, in the past few weeks, I have found numerous lists and blog posts, vlogs and articles online which have helped me to put together what I think are the real essentials, for me and Rich, as well as for the baby. I thought that some of you mummies-to-be might appreciate me sharing what I have come up with so that I can help you in the same way that countless others have helped me!

Changing bag (Armani Baby)

2 receiving blankets for swaddling: one thick and fleecy (in case of severe A/C!), one cooler cotton one
2 newborn vests; 1 0-3 month vest
2 newborn sleepsuits; 1 0-3 month sleepsuit
Scratch mittens
Memory book
Going home outfit (bottom left of the photo above)

Philips Avent Baby Care Set (including nail clippers and files)
Nappies in size 1 (x12)
Nappy bags
Cotton wool balls
Cotton wool pads
Mini bottle olive oil for that first nappy change
3 muslins
Little pink rabbit toy from Granny Byles

My suitcase (Samsonite B-Lite 3)

Big plastic bag to hold dirty washing
Comfy underwear and sleep bras
2 nursing bras
Disposable underwear
Slippers that can be thrown away afterwards
2 soft and cosy pyjama bottoms
Nursing nightie
2 loose t shirts / vests
Warm dressing gown
Going home outfit (jeans, shirt, shoes)
Hair brush
Hair dryer
Phone charger
Camera charger
Mac charger
Speaker for music
Fake candle
Plastic drinks holder with straw
Snacks (lots!)

Wash bag

Lanolin nipple cream
Maternity sanitary towels
Breast pads
Face wipes
Face wash
Mini travel bottles: shampoo,conditioner, shower gel, toothpaste etc.
New toothbrush
Antibacterial hand sanitiser
Hair ties
Lip balm
Pre-natal vitamin tablets
Prescription tablets (Thyroxine)
Nasal spray

Plastic folder

Hospital referral letter 
OB notes
Birth plan (x7)
Photocopy of marriage certificate
Mine and Mr Sunshine's original passports
Cards including credit cards, Qatar Residents Permit and AXA Health Insurance

Other bulky items

Car seat
Breast feeding pillow
Our own pillows from our bed
Blanket for Mr Sunshine
Birthing ball

Mummies and mummies-to-be: what have I missed? Are there any essential items that you just couldn't live without during labour that I must remember to pack?


  1. Hiya!
    Sounds super organised ! Might I suggest some vaseline... If you put it on babies bum before the first poo then it makes the clean up a lot easier! (Although I am wondering if that is what the olive oil you have packed is for?)

    Also ... I am just wondering if jeans are going to be comfy to go home in especially if you're sitting in a car. I might wear something looser and with less zips/buttons? I'd suggest your maternity leggings and a nice tunic top would be the most comfy! Remember it's most likely you will still have your bump for a good few days!

    1. Thank you so much Georgie! Yes, the olive oil is for exactly that but maybe I'll pack Vaseline too and see what works best. I've been given all kinds of different tips! All I know is that I don't want to use wipes until she's a few days old as new baby skin is so delicate! Also great shout about the leggings, I have had at least 6 people say that now so the jeans are out of the bag! Thank youuuu!

      Polly xx

    2. Oh totally about wipes! I used cotton wool and water until she was 3 months old! Even now I csnt use wipes on her face other than water wipes as they bring her out in a rash!!

  2. Ok, seriously I had no idea that so much gets packed in a pre-baby hospital bag - I'm pretty sure this is more than I packed for 2 weeks in South America!! You're so organised though that I can't imagine you'd have forgotten too much from this list!

    1. Nor did I until I became pregnant. It's crazy. I have so many bags and bits about the house now that it actually looks as though I'm about to move out!! Oh how I wish I was going to South America rather than giving birth ;-) I am really not that organised, but writing blog posts like this is forcing me to be more so!!

      Polly xx

  3. Agree re the jeans Pol! Even maternity ones will be uncomfy, go with leggings. And rather than disposable underwear go with massive black pants! The list looks very comprehensive!Xx

    1. Ohhh I don't have massive black pants. Another thing to add to my shopping list! Thanks Sar. Leggings are now in the case :-)

      Polly xx

  4. I'd go with maternity leggings and big pants instead of disposables too. This is a fantastic list though & sounds like you're all sorted! Is your thyroid problem something you had before pregnancy (saw you were on thyroxine)? I've got an underactive thyroid & have done since I was 9. Had to double my dosage in pregnancy! xx

    1. Thanks Megan! Yeah I only found out last year that it was under-active but have a feeling it's been a problem for much longer. Has it impacted you in any way? It really scares me that it might have affected the baby because I wasn't taking any medication for it in the first 3 months when it's the critical period apparently...but I'm sure it will be fine!

      Polly xx

    2. I have an under-active thyroid as well - it started after my first pregnancy and it is also hereditary (my mom has this as well). But sometimes it starts during pregnancy so in my opinion the baby should be ok. It is important that you are taking the medication now.

    3. Thank you for putting my mind at ease lovely! I can't believe that two of you have exactly the same problem, it's obviously far more common than I thought it was! I am trying hard to remember to take the tablets every day...not the easiest thing to accomplish with baby brain!

      Polly xx

  5. I love you for having an Armani baby changing bag!

    1. Hehehe. It was a little treat to myself. Just feels a bit wrong that such a nice bag contains nappies, sanitary towels and disposable knickers!!! ;-)

      Polly xx

  6. Wow, you are super organized! From my personal experince I would suggest that you take more baby hats (2-3) and you won't need the Avent baby care set in the hospital.
    I would take sanitary napkins (I bought Always Infinity extra long) and I am planning to be with a dress when leaving the hospital (in case they have to do a C-Section dress will be more comfortable and I would look slimmer :) ).
    My bag is halfway packed and I still have to prepare the things for the baby - I am kind of procrastinating .... :)

    1. Oo the dress is a good shout - like the thought of something loose I can just throw over my head when I leave. I procrastinated for WEEKS! At least you've started, you're part of the way there now :-)

      Polly xx

  7. This will be such a helpful list for other mums to be, Polly. I notice you're taking different ages of baby clothing, is that in case the baby turns out big or do they grow that quickly?

    1. Thanks Suze, I hope so. So many other mums have already helped me out with this so I feel like this is a combination of lots of tips...probably why my list is so long and my bags are so full!! The two sizes are in case the baby is longer than we expect. I have a rough idea of her weight but with Rich and me being so tall I don't want to risk her having nothing to wear because her legs are too long to fit into any of the babygrows we pack ;-)

      Polly xx