Georg Jensen new season launch party

Sunday, 23 November 2014

This week, Rich and I were invited to the Georg Jensen New Season Launch Party in association with Fashion After Dark - and were completely blown away.

And that was before we even got to the jewellery. In true RichPolly style, we headed straight for the buffet.

From little cheesy asparagus bites,to sushi, and miniature cakes to baclava, Georg had got this covered.

Having had more than our fill, we posed for the obligatory photo before heading into the main part of the store to have a peruse of the new collection.

For those of you new to Georg, let me give you a little background. Georg Arthur Jensen was a silversmith, born in Radvad, Denmark in 1866. Having studied at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts, he produced many Art Nouveau creations which caught the eye of the public in Copenhagen. By the end of the 1920s, Jensen had opened retail outlets showcasing his wares in New York, London, Paris, Stockholm and Berlin. And now, there is also one in Qatar.

The new selection was simply stunning. Beautiful gleaming silver receptacles of every size stood proudly on the open shelves 

I think these last ones look rather like Pelicans sticking their beaks up into the air to catch the breeze; what do you think?

Pretty fruit showcased beautiful bowls and trays, which were simple in design, yet ornate in shape. The spotlights in the showroom showed off the silver to perfection, casting interesting shadows and highlights across each hand-crafted piece.

We got talking to some of the friendly assistants who had flown in from Denmark that day to help with the displays, and complimented on them on their precision and attention to detail.

And then we came to the jewellery. I love the beautiful simplicity of everything that Georg does. Shape, colour and simple detailing is his jewellery forte.

Our favourite shop assistant saw us admiring some of the pieces and came over for a chat. She pointed out that I was wearing a Georg Jensen necklace and watch - which I pointed out was a complete coincidence and not intended at all! They just happen to be my favourite pieces of jewellery!

Georg Jensen Artist Heart Necklace - find it in gold here, and silver here. Georg Jensen Koppel watch - find a description here.

We paused at the new wedding ring display for a moment, while the shop assistant opened the case and let us try a few on. 

And I think we both fell in love a little. 

Before we got too carried away, we exercised enough self-restraint to tear ourselves away. That night I went to sleep with silver in my eyes and sparkle in my soul.

You can check out the Georg Jensen Winter Season Collection now at 7 La Croisette, The Pearl Qatar


  1. great post

  2. Thank you so much Liz. LOVE your Zara leggings in your Channel Bandit post!

    Polly x

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