The best for breakfast: a Doha review post

Sunday, 16 November 2014

If you follow my blog closely, you'll know that I'm a bit of a breakfast fiend. I think there's something quite special about that first meal of the day - maybe it's the fact that you haven't eaten anything for 12 hours prior, maybe it's because there are so many different breakfast foods to choose from and ways to eat them, or maybe it's simply because it's the only time of the day when you can get away with eating nothing but sugary sweet pastries...

Or cake.

Yes, Rich and I have a sweet tooth, and therefore our favourite place for breakfast in Qatar has always been Alison Nelson's Chocolate Bar.

Not only is it a treasure trove of sweet treats, it's also a bit of an inspirational business. The founder of Chocolate Bar, New Yorker Alison Nelson sipped her first cup of coffee with her father when she was eight years old and she was hooked. She put herself through college on the tips of customers while waiting on tables at top-notch coffee shops. She opened her first Chocolate Bar in New York in the early 2000s, and by 2007, she had received Inc. Magazine's award for one of the fastest growing companies in America. She now has cafes all over America and the Middle East, and we are lucky enough to have one right here on The Pearl in Doha.

So what makes this place so special?

Well, the set breakfasts are healthy but hearty

The bread baskets overflow with freshly-baked, buttery miniature treats

The 'hot chocolate buzzed' (basically a creamy mocha made with real chocolate and freshly ground coffee) is to die for

There are some special little treats from home

(I'm pretty sure I already mentioned these in my last blog about this place - obsessed!).

And the staff are so friendly that we always leave with huge grins on our faces.

We popped in there to grab a takeaway mocha on our way back from the hospital the other day, and when we were asked if we would like to sample one of the new Tchaba teabags that they are going to be selling, Rich and I jumped at the chance. Searching through the case of interestingly named teas, given the mood, the only choice for us was 'Celebration'.

This is a tea and a half. A mixture of black tea, macadamia nuts, white chocolate chips and cocoa kernels, it smells like butterscotch. We couldn't wait to get our packets home, and try them out.

Accompanied by some our favourite chocolate, of course.

As an aside, this packet of Chocolate Orange Minis with Exploding Candy that Lottie brought over is pretty much my favourite food in the world. If anyone ever wants anything from me then this is the way to get it.

The tea was as good as it smelt. Kind of creamy and sweet without being overpowering. We supped it from our favourite mugs, with a drop of milk (typical Brits) while we finalised some of the plans for our honeymoon.


Alison Nelson's Chocolate Bar will be selling boxes of Tchaba tea bags from next week. You can get your hands on these, as well as an unbeatable croissant at 1 La Croissette, The Pearl Qatar.