Mumma D's baby shower

Sunday, 30 November 2014

Sometime earlier this year, as we were well into Springtime and it was starting to heat up in the desert, our little Doha group of friends received some very big, very exciting news. Although you couldn't tell to look at her yet, our friend Donna was pregnant!

Fast forward seven months, and Don has blossomed into the most beeaaaautiful, glowing mother to be who is so excited about the future. Some people are just made to be mummies, don't you think?!

Not a cankle in sight.

With less than two months to go, a few of us decided it was about time we held a baby shower to celebrate the birth of the wee Scottish wean (or Wayne, as he/she is more affectionately known), and put our heads together to come up with a plan. I was more than happy with my designated role as Games Master.

I was excited to try and replicate a hilarious game called 'What's In The Nappy?' that we'd played at my sister in law's baby shower. Let me tell you about how it's done.

Buy six or seven famous, well-known chocolate bars (Doha people, all of these were purchased from Carrefour)...

And a packet of nappies...

Chop each chocolate bar into small chunks, and place the chunks of each into a separate nappy. Weird I know, but bear with me!

Melt each ON A LOW HEAT for a very short time in the microwave (don't, like I did, put it on full power for a whole minute and set the nappy and therefore your microwave on fire, set off all the fire alarms in your entire building, and have a frantic visit from facilities management asking if everyone is OK - we were, thanks for asking).

If the above does happen, then find an alternative method for melting your chocolate bars.

Tadaaaa! They are ready. I have never been so proud at seeing such a disgusting mess in a nappy before. I will pick up the details of the rest of the game in due course...

Armed with my mucky (but beautiful smelling) nappies, I headed over to Hayley's to finish the rest of our preparations. She'd found a Mary Berry scone recipe online and we were excited to get stuck in.

Almost literally - that dough was like poster glue!

We didn't have quite the required implements, but we were creative in our approach...

I think Mary would have been proud of our intuition and dedication to the cause.

Surprisingly, once we'd cut them out with a random glass we'd found in the cupboard, they actually ended up looking OK! 

And we were delighted that they stayed in one piece in the oven!

When the others arrived, we tucked into the lovely spread that Hayley had put on for us all.

Supped on the delightful drinks organised by sommelier Sara.

And nibbled on a scone or three (DELIGHTFUL in case you were wondering - Hayls and I will be taking orders in due course).

After some a lot of chatting...

I read out some questions which daddy Gary had answered the day before, and Donna had to guess what he had said (biggest take away is that Gary is changing ALL the nappies!). Hayley read out a special message from Donna's mum who was sad not to be there that day.

And then it was back to those nappies.

I split the group into two teams, and passed them a nappy one by one, explaining that the aim of the game is to guess what's inside. However, there was one snag - you are not allowed to touch it, you can only use smell and taste.

Some very serious examinations ensued.

And some got up close and personal.

A very fun game, if you can stomach it.

Next up, we got out our baby photos and had a guess at who was who.

There were some delightful cutie pies in our midst!

And then my favourite part of the afternoon. Present time.

Don pulled cute little outfit after cute little outfit out of the gift bags the girls had brought along.

And I think more than a few of us started to feel a little broody!

Another brilliant and exciting day with very lovely ladies, albeit a little different from our last big celebration.

We all can't wait to meet the teeny addition to our Doha family that is due to arrive in late January

Now I'm going to get back to perusing the baby section of Debenhams online.