Weekly wanderings 5

Friday, 21 November 2014

Despite a slow start, this week has been super exciting, with touches of food, fashion, art, culture and discovery. In fact, we discovered so many new things that I think that each one of them deserves a blog post all of its own. But for now, here's a little round-up of our wanderings to give you a taster of what's to come.


My day started in the same way is it had started for the past three - in Rich's hospital room.

After being examined by the doctor and physio later that afternoon, he was fiiiiinally given the all clear and was told that he could check out. We were over the moon!!


Our day began much like any other Saturday, with tea and breakfast on the balcony.

Except that Rich still couldn't sit up for too long, and after five minutes he had to go and rest back in bed.

I made homemade pizza for supper, and, being the perfect patient, Rich promised that as soon as he was better, he would return the favour by really treating me. I made a mental note to start planning some super-difficult menu ideas that I would ask him to knock up in the coming weeks.

This pizza was actually really easy to make. I cheated by buying ready-made pizza dough, blind baked it in a hot oven for about 8 minutes and then smothered it in tomato paste, chopped cherry tomatoes, (turkey) chorizo, olives, herbs, seasoning and grated grana padano before popping it back in the over for another 8 minutes. Simple but delicious.


I didn't have to wait as long as I thought I would for Rich to treat me. When I returned home from work that evening, shattered after a busy day, I came out onto the balcony to find this little surprise waiting for me.

Big thanks to my lovely Richy! I am such a sucker for romantic gestures and he is always so good at bringing out the big guns when I least expect it. I also love that he knows that a good game of Scrabble by candlelight is definitely the way to my heart...


We finalised some of our honeymoon plans over a lovely cup of Tchaba 'Celebration' tea.

Have a look at some of the ideas we had on my Pinterest board, here (I'd love to know what you think!) and while you're at it, have a read my review of the tea we were drinking and the wonderful Chocolate Cafe who gave it to us, here.

We also downloaded Limitless, which is an excellent thrill-a-minute kind of a film, with some clever twists and turns along the way.


An exciting evening of discovery. After his bed-bound week, Rich was just about ready to get up and about again. We headed to Gate Mall in Westbay for a quick bite to eat after I finished work and accidentally ended up staying there for four hours! I had never been before, and we uncovered some wonderful hidden gems - not least of which was a branch of Angelina, our favourite Parisian tearoom and patisserie, whose landmark store lies on Rue Di Rivoli in our favourite city in the world.

I'm looking forward to sharing more of what we discovered in due course!


Rich and I had been invited to the Georg Jensen new season launch party in association with Fashion After Dark, and (given our addiction to all things Georg), we were more than happy to oblige! We were looking forward to having a little nosey around the new collection, and relieved we didn't have to go too far for the privilege (the showroom is literally just below our flat), but I don't think we realised just how fun the night was going to be.

There was some Georg-eous jewellery and silverware on show, as well as some great food - and a few unexpected surprises! Blog post on this on its way early next week. 


After an exciting middle to our week, we wound down slowly with a cosy night catching up on the Apprentice, and chatting about what's to come. Next week is panning out to be another stonker...

For now, I think I'm going to put my feet up with a book so that I have enough energy to fit it all in!

What are you up to this weekend, and what are your plans for the coming week?