Love, Life and Luxury

Tuesday 17 February 2015

What does luxury mean to you? Expense? Extravagance? A high standard of living? To most, luxury is synonymous with fast cars and fancy hotels, fine dining and expensive champagne. To me however, having a luxurious life is more about living with appreciation, in comfort, and above all with lots of luuurve. Allow me to describe our Valentine's Day to you to explain.

We woke up late, having taken advantage of a long Saturday lie in. Being comfortable enough to have two whole days off work every week is a huge luxury that so many of us take for granted!

We then wandered down to the cafe that is located just outside my flat for a romantic breakfast.

Just HAVING easy access food is a blessing in itself, but when you are able to eat al fresco under blue skies in glorious sunshine, looking out over panoramic views of a stunning marina, only 1 minute's walk from your flat with the love of your life by your side...well, that to me is luxury.

That morning, we took advantage of the beautiful weather and booked an Uber to the Corniche for a walk. If you haven't used the taxi service Uber yet, then I urge you to give it a go! You download an app on your phone, choose your pick-up location, and they automatically select the nearest car and tell you how far away it is, what car you will be in, who your driver is (and what rating they have), and give you a helpful bell when the car is arriving. Luxury travel right there folks!

As we began our walk along the Doha coastline, I was reminded just how free people can feel out here on their days off. Groups of families were playing games and flying kites, friends ambled along chatting and laughing, joggers and cyclists passed us by at high speeds.

We spotted a traditional Dhow boat moored to the edge of the Corniche, and on a whim, we enquired about the cost to take it out for a spin.

Deciding we could manage it, we hopped aboard and the next 20 minutes were spent in utter bliss on the Persian Gulf, with the escalating wind whipping at our hair and salt water splashing at our toes as we surveyed the cityscape in front of us.

Is there anything that feels more like freedom than being out on the open sea with nothing but a few planks of wood between you and the water? Freedom to me is the greatest luxury.

Next up was more food at one of our favourite places, and then home.

Now people always ask me what it's like to be a woman in Qatar. Is it oppressive? Do people treat you differently? And what on earth do you wear?! I always tell them the same thing, that things are different, but not terrible. And that I can actually wear whatever I like when I go out to hotels, restaurants and bars.

Self-expression in my thoughts and beliefs, as well as what I wear is important to me, and a luxury that I enjoy. Covering my shoulders and knees on a daily basis, for work and when I'm out and about actually makes me appreciate getting dressed up in what I want to wear all the more when I can. I took advantage of this freedom on Valentine's Day by popping on my new ASOS playsuit which I am a little bit in love with.

My man got dressed up in some of his best gear too. Doesn't he look handsome?!

We were heading out to the St Regis Hotel for a night of moonlight, and music and love and romance...

Jazz at the Lincoln Center, Doha showcases some of Doha's best musical talent throughout the week, combined with delicious food, a high class cocktail list and a rather decadent venue.

As we settled into our comfy deep red cushions, and the band began to play, I was struck by the feeling of luxuriousness.

Live music is always special, but for Valentine's Day, globally renowned musicians (headed by the infamous Takeshi Ohbayashi) came together for something that was nothing short of magnificent.

The food was really carefully thought out, with touches of truffle and snaffles of champagne to add to the taste of luxury.

And those cocktails...just wow.

But what's this?! I thought you said that luxury was NOT about great food and top notch drink at the beginning?!

OK, I concede, maybe it is a bit. But at its heart, what it is really about to me, is sharing the most romantic day of the year with the man that I am going to marry in five months time, who I love very dearly and who is by my side and on my team day in, day out. That is a luxury that many aren't so lucky to be able to enjoy.

We finished our night in the bar next door: The Rooftop.

Here, we bumped into some very good friends of ours.

I'd had a day off, had breakfast in the sun, been on a trip in a boat, had lots of wonderful food while listening to perfect music with my favourite person in the world, but finishing the night surrounded by seven wonderful men?! I think that just might have won the prize for the biggest luxury of the day.

What little things in your life do you consider to be luxury?


  1. Oh, I love that ASOS playsuit too! You're just a little bit gorgeous, aren't you!!! x

    Also.... FOOOOOOOOD! It all looks delicious and now I must find something to eat...

    1. Thank youuuu very much Frankie, that's a lovely thing to say!! Yes, the food was delicious. And we shared it all - the sign of true love ;-) The playsuit is on sale at the moment, go go go!

      Polly xx

  2. This looks fabulous! For me luxury is time, that is the time you are able to spend with the people that you love. Your day looks fabulous and such fun, we also had a heart shaped dessert on Valentine's day!
    Lots of love,

    SilverSpoon London

    1. A heart shaped dessert is pretty much my favourite thing in the world - food and love all wrapped up in one?! Perfection :-) I completely agree, spending time with people you love is luxury no matter what the external/superficial circumstances are.

      Polly xx

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  4. I couldn't agree more, totally what it means to you and what you make of the breaks that you have! For Valentines day I cooked the main course and my husband the dessert - the luxury being that we always normally cook the other way round! Definitely enjoyed my pudding more when he bakes it!

    1. Completely agree! I love your switching courses idea, that's brilliant! And there is nothing more luxurious than a thoroughly enjoyable dessert ;-)

      Polly xx

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