Female Role Models 1: Zooey Deschanel

Monday, 12 January 2015

Skimming through articles on my way home from work today, I came across Girl Effect's top moments for girls in 2014 and it had the opposite effect to its intended purpose. I was instantly appalled. Why were some of the names I was reading about still relatively unknown to the general public? Where are the news stories singing their praises? Where are the magazine articles inspiring young girls to follow in their footsteps? Why on earth are boring, vacuous celebrities taking vital airtime from these women; women who have the potential to bring about positive change just by having their stories heard?

About to take to Twitter to rant, I stopped myself. I remembered that there are many globally famous women who grace the pages of our glossies on a daily basis who have made great impacts on the world, who I'd unfairly overlooked: Angelina, Oprah and Emma Watson to name a few.

I also remembered that there were even a few famous women that have inspired me personally along the way. I have decided that I will share these women with you, once a fortnight - for you and for me - to pass on their inspiration, and to remind us all that right now in 2015, despite our guilty (or not so guilty) interest in Kim's bum, Kylie's lips and just who Taylor has got her claws into this time, celebrity culture is still holding onto some remaining remnants of credibility.

Here's my first, and one of my favourites, Zooey Deschanel, and why I think she's pretty awesome.

She's not afraid of her femininity or vulnerability

She recognises the importance of being your true, authentic self

She 'gets' feminism

She's an eternal optimist

She knows that nobody is perfect...right away

She's unapologetically Zooey

And her and I share a life mantra!

Who inspires you, and why?


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