Weekly Ponderings 1

Friday, 2 January 2015

A new year, and another new weekly post layout! I have decided to simplify things a bit for these little weekly summaries, as I usually have so much to say that I'm sure I've lost most of you by the time you get to the bottom (what can I say, I have a lot on my mind!).

Cue my new four section post summarising my weekly excitements, reminders and appreciations, plus a weekly quote that will hopefully get you thinking.*

*yeah OK, this last bit's for me. I really, truly love a good quote.

1. This week I was excited by...

The stunning New Year celebrations that Rich and I attended (along with a few of our new wine tasting friends) at La Mer in the Ritz Carlton. As you have seen from my wine tasting series on Bordeaux and Burgundy, this restaurant pulls out all of the stops to give its punters a good time, and New Year's Eve was no exception. My camera was playing up, so my photos are a little blurry, but I think this is a pertinent reflection of the night! Here are the highlights:

A fabulous night celebrating the start of the year that I will marry the love of my life!

I leave you with my favourite photo of the night from the after party back at our friends' flat - some top class "do you guys know what you look like?! I don't know you" photo bombing.

2. This week I was reminded about...

The importance of making good New Year's resolutions, and sticking to them. I revisited my Six Things That 2014 Taught Me post to remind myself exactly what I needed to do (and keep doing!).

3. This week I appreciated...

  • The AMAZING hen do that my very dedicated bridesmaids organised for me just before I left London (look out for a full post on this tomorrow!)

Looking a little terrified while anticipating what was to come with my lovely new blow up toy...

  • How super-fantasically brilliant my family and friends back in the UK are, as I waved a sad goodbye to them on Monday before jumping on a plane back to Doha.

Mummy Bags and my perfect nephew, Ollie in their matching Christmas jumpers

  • But also how wonderful my little Doha family is. I caught up with the girls over lunch in La Spiga today and it was so good to chat to them about their holidays and the very exciting year ahead of us over some delicious food.

Two of my Doha bestests, Donna (plus bump) and Sara

4. Quote of the week

Happy new year to you all! I would love to hear about what you got up to this week.